Earn Money From Blogging

Absolutely anyone can earn money from writing a blog. Decide on what topic that you are passionate about and keep focused on it. Now the blogging journey begins. Find a suitable and available domain name for your blog. If your blog is about dogs then try and get that keyword in the domain. Godaddy is a great domain name register which offer a ranges of features. Next you will need a platform to build your blog from. Wordpress is the most popular platform to build a blog with plenty of backup information available. Installing Wordpress isn’t as difficult as people make it out to be. If you have any problems view the tutorial below.
Choosing the most suitable theme for your blog is vital for first impression. There are thousands upon thousands available. Topwpthemes.com and Wordpressthemebase.com are two very popular sites for sourcing themes and have different ones to fit everyone’s needs. People like to know who they are reading about so it is important that you have a small introduction about yourself to make your blog more personal.

Plug-ins are an external code that add a specific function to enlarge the functionality of a blog. They allow you to almost do anything with your blog. There are many available different functions. View the video below of 10 very useful plug-ins.
The key to a successful blog is to get visitors subscribed to keep them returning back to read your recent posts. RSS feeds are an effective method for achieving this. This is done with very little effort from the reader. However not everyone is comfortable/knowledgeable about RSS feeds so an email newsletter subscription may also be necessary. As previously mentioned in the marketing section Aweber is a good source to email marketing. When writing your blog it is significant that your word it correctly for both your reader and for search engines. Carefully choose your title with the best keyword.

How you are going to earn money from your blog? The main ways to generate revenue with a blog are Google Adsense, Product Reviews, Affiliate Sales and Private Advertising. To make any sort of income from these sources large traffic will be required. So it is imperative to do everything possible to keep your content interesting and SEO friendly. The amount of ambition you have for your blog will be a deciding factor for its survival. Commitment, discipline and patience are traits that are required.
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