A domain is the address that is used on the web. Domain’s cannot be bought as such, they're registered and a small monthly/annually fee is required. Dot com’s are generally cheaper than dot ie's. There are no restrictions on who can register a .com whether its a person or and organisation. But Dot ie's register’s have to be residents in Ireland. When registering a .ie domain your registered business name number is necessary for the form. If your RBN is not clearly related to your desired domain name you will have to apply under discretionary. This requires a letter on headed paper stating what the business does and how it’s related to the domain name. Occasionally if it is your first domain they may ask for some evidence that you have done some work on the project, this is to reduce names being registered for the fun of it.

IE Domain Registry is the official registry site which includes all the rules and regulations. ICANN is the international internet corporation for assigned names and numbers.
If you search for a domain and find that it’s taken, then a simple WHOIS search can be done to determine the registers contact details. There are millions of taken domains out there that have no website on them, so this can be a very useful tool. Network Solutions is one of the more popular WHOIS data retrievals.

When choosing your domain name there are many significant points to consider. Start by brainstorming about 5 keywords or phrases. Then mix and match until you find a good combination. Try and create a unique name so that people can remember it and type it into their browser easily. If at all possible, if you are registering a .IE name, try and get the .COM name also. It could restrict possible future expansion if this is not snapped up. When someone hears about your domain name for the first time, they should be able to rapidly and accurately guess the type of content that might be found there. However this is not always the case, for example Google, Yahoo and Bebo.

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