E Invoicing

Online Invoicing is the transfer of invoices to clients and customers by electronic means as appose to the traditional paper method. E invoicing immediately reduces invoice processing costs. Small businesses are being dented by late payments which can cause vast cash flow problems, around half of Irish SME’s have a waiting period of 3 months to get paid. Since cash flow issues are becoming more common in the economic climate E invoicing is getting more popular since invoice delivery is minutes instead of days. With E Invoicing the time of looking for mislaid or old invoices is a thing of the past, all invoices can be retrieved instantly. The innovative idea of a paperless office is brought closer by E Invoicing. E Invoicing providers have their related fees, but there are some that offer a free basic package, such as Bamboo Invoice and Curdbee.  


Bamboo Invoice
Bamboo Invoice is free Open Source invoicing software intended for small businesses and independent contractors. Their number one priorities are ease of use, user-interface, and clean code. Being open source the possibility of future growth via community contributors is positive. A useful feature of Bamboo is a PDF export function. When using Bamboo Invoice you’ll need to provide your own hosting which is good for important security reasons.


Curdbee describes themselves as the easy, fast and secure online invoicing experience. This provider is the opposite of Bamboo by being a hosted service, so no installation is required. Both Paypal and Google checkouts are supported by Curdbee. You can upload your company logo to invoices and they also offer some colour changes to pages. As appose to Bamboo, Curbee’s PDF function is only available on pro accounts. When using their standard account, an invoice is emailed which consists of a link which points to an online invoice page.

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