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Stay up to date on up and coming startups. Read through our brief reviews on online businesses that have just been established. Find out the next big venture that is about to strike the globe. If you would like your online pride and joy featured here, send us an email.


Social Site Creator
Socialsitecreator.com, Do you want to create your own social network? This very useful tool allows you to build, host and customise your own community. It uses an easy to use drag and drop interface which features include photo sharing, video, blogs and instant chat. Your own ads can also be used if your plan to generate some income.


Zhift.com, Zhift is a Forums Search engine that is owned by Shubinthan Kathiramalai. It first appeared on the internet as a Web search engine in 2008, but after a while Shubinthan decided to make it a Forums search engine, because he thought that a Web search engine wasn't something new. It relaunched as a Forums Search engine in April 2009. In September 2009 Zhift has relauched again as a more improved Forums Search engine, with much of more services. 


Stiqr.com claims to have the worlds very first website modification platform that is offered on a Software as a service basis. There is no need to know any code to develop and edit websites. Texts and images can be dragged around in order to piece together your site, and not only would you save time by doing it in this way, you would also be able to come up with a very professional look. The platform is compatible on Blogger and Wordpress, and during the Beta stage its completely free. Visit the site for the very interesting demo.


Fish Memory
FishMemory.net combines to do lists with reminders. Never forget a thing again with this very useful online tool. It also provides you with a protected RSS feed with all your reminders. This will allow you to share your notes with anyone else.


Analyze Pal
AnalyzePal.com. Many online businesses use Paypal when starting up, to reduce costs and to avoid setting up a merchant account with a Bank. AnalyzePal is a terrific online service that when combined with Paypal can provide analytics for transactions. It allows you to determine aspects such as company growth through reports that can be generated when you decide. To monitor your company evolving over time a performance meter is provide with this service.

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