No matter if you have the best site in the world selling the best products or service, if people don't know it’s there how will your potential customers ever find you. Its simple they won't. There are millions of ways to invest into promoting your site. It’s advisable to start with SEO. SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process of improving the quality or volume of traffic to a web site from search engines by natural or unpaid search results as opposed to search engine marketing (SEM) which deals with paid inclusion, such as Google Adwords and Adsense. Optimising a website primarily involves editing its content, HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. Not all web developers know how to build an effective SEO website. Dedicated SEO experts should be hired as consultants to help your site climb up the search engines.

Google Adwords is a great place to start when marketing your site. Adwords are the adverts you see on the right hand side when you search on Google. You can set your budget to whatever you desire and each time your advert is clicked you’re charged a certain amount. This figure will depend on how much the keyword is worth. This form of online marketing can bring traffic fast to a new site. View the tutorial below.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a type of direct marketing which uses email as a means of communication. Sending emails in this format is designed to encourage customer loyalty and enhance customer relationships. For every email sent could result in another sale. Caution must be taken when emailing, such as timing, frequency, and headline title. Test your headline before sending it to your database. Base the title on human psychology rather than experience, judgement and guesswork. AWeber is a very useful tool for email marketing and the costs involved are minimal. The design of your email should be carefully planned, useful websites such as toddle (Irish based) provide many templates to choose from. Email marketing is a great inexpensive way to reach out to your customers to promote your business and drives sales. When utilised correctly it can be very successful.


Public Relations (PR)

PR is all about relationships, building them, managing them, investing in them, and understanding them. Public relations gains company exposure to their audiences using topics of public interest and news items that provide a third-party endorsement and do not direct payment. This can be evident from speaking at conferences, working with the media, crisis communications, social media engagement, and employee communication. Brands can be created on PR alone. It is also free and credible. PR is considered tangible, this is what makes it different to advertising. PR professionals must know how to write clearly, speak clearly, and think analytically. These are some of important traits to look for when hiring a PR consultant. Publicity is more effective than advertising, for several reasons. Firstly, publicity is far more cost effective than advertising. Secondly, publicity has greater longevity than advertising. An article about your business will be remembered far longer than an advert will be. Generally publicity reaches to a wider audience than advertising. Sometimes, your story might even be picked up by the national media, spreading the word about your business all over the country.

PR can have significant savings over advertising. As far as airline marketing, here are recent budgets that some companies have had. EasyJet £22 million, Flybe £13 million, Aerlingus £10 million and Ryanair £7 million. Now which one of these airlines is most visible on TV, radio and newspapers?

Plan your publicity efforts just as carefully as you plan the rest of your business decisions. All the hard work will be worth while when your company is featured in the media when you see the results in your bottom line.

Web Directories

There are multiple ways of promoting your website for low or no cost. Web directories are becoming more popular and are a great free way to get your name out there. All you have to do is submit your company details and you see an increase in traffic to your site. Most of the directories are very general and list websites across a wide range of categories. But there are also some niche directories which focus on specialist sectors. Below are some Web Directory links.
Gimme Dat
Google Directory


Social Networks for Business

Social networking provides great opportunities that allow users to effectively target their audience by logging on to social sites like Twitter, Digg, Facebook and LinkedIn. These tools must be taken advantage of by asserting your company's presence online and reaching out to potential customers, employees and business partners. The concept is to create a member profile that directs traffic back to your company's Website, to achieve this commitment is required to be active and a participant. The positive side of this is that no charges are involved. It is important to keep updating your page to increase visitors returning. When your business has a new product or special offer it should be posted on all your social network pages as soon as possible. This will in turn bring these curious visitors to your website. With around 400 million users on Facebook it would be dim witted not to utilise social networks.

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